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Liz Murphy’s Au Revoir

Liz Murphy’s Au Revoir took place on 13th February at the Pewterer’s Hall. She was joined by family, friends and colleagues for a lovely and emotional evening.

On the 25th February, IMTA hosted an event for members on Brexit and Customs. Representatives from HMRC presented on a range of topics. 

IMTA CEO Liz Murphy was awarded the 2018 Meat Businesswoman Award for the category of Trade Body at the Women in Meat Industry Awards Ceremony in London on Friday evening. The award was presented by Lesley Waters, celebrity chef. Liz was supported on the evening by the IMTA Chairman, Margaret Boanas, board members, Paul Dolan and Donna Smith and the secretariat.

A much deserved win I’m sure you will agree!

Margaret Boanas (IMTA Chairman), Katie Doherty (IMTA Policy Director) and Katrina Walsh (IMTA Policy Manager) were judges in the 2018 World Steak Challenge where entrants from around the world showcased their best steaks!

Details of competition winners can be found here:


Details for the 2019 competition:

Photocredit: GlobalMeatNews

Photocredit: GlobalMeatNews

The second Food Brexit conference is to be held in November this year. The current programme can be found here. Katie Doherty, IMTA Policy Director will be speaking at the event. IMTA members will receive a 20% discount.

The meeting covered discussions on exports, imports, existing free trade agreements and future free trade agreements as well as TRQs in relation to the UK’s WTO Schedule.

Donna Smith (Alliance NZ), Margaret Boanas (IMTA Chairman), Greg Hands MP (Minister for International Trade), Paul Dolan (Towers Thompson), Katie Doherty (IMTA Policy Director), Mick Lane (GPS Food Group)

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